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Getting Frustrated with Reports

Question asked by ChrisGrueber on Dec 7, 2012
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Getting Frustrated with Reports


     OK i am trying to write a Database for quality data collection using Filemaker Pro 12.  I am also using file maker GO for my quality inspectors so they can collect defect data on the fly.  Writing the database has been pretty easy now i am to the reporting side of things and cannot get it to show the data i need.  I wrote my original database in access, but wanted the portability of File maker GO.  Can someone help?  I have attached a picture of the basic report i am looking for from File Maker but i cannot get it to give me what i am looking.  I have also created Queries in access to sort the data i needed, but have yet to figure out how i do this in file maker.  The basic layout i want is such - We build boats and each one has a serial number, they go through several stations of build and they have different rooms.  I built in access an entree page where i could input a boat serial number, choose a station, choose a room, and tell access to run my query and generate a report based on the criteria.  I cannot for the life of me get file maker to do this task.  I would even be willing to send my database to someone to look at where i have gone wrong.  I need to keep it simple for managers and supervisors to easily get the information they are looking for to fix the problems