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Getting it together

Question asked by topcat on Dec 31, 2008
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Getting it together


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    Here is my problem; we are graphics and printing company. So here we goon a small project. Say a newsletter using InDesign, Photoshop and ms word andmaybe illustrator.

We open the InDesign and bring in a word doc, start theproject.


Now the boss comes over and says we need get that proof outon the Letter Head we started yesterday. (where did I put that ?)Then the phonerings, then a customer comes to the counter.


Ok now we are all over the place.


Now we have little files on the desk top, customer file thatwe created at the start, that word file that came in a email and photos on aflash drive that was dragged to the desk top


And the phone rings again. 


Ok now it calms down. And we can start back on thatnewsletter. Where did I put that word file and I forgot what I named thatproject or photo that I worked on in Photoshop


So what we need is some kind of tool that will help us keeptrack of all the files for a given project. Inthe same place. We keep a Customer file and within that file we try toput all the links for that project. But with all the turmoil we seem to missfile or loose some of the valuable photos, graphics etc.


Can you offer a solution?


Thanks in advance.

Mike McHale

Ps weare on Mac OS 10.5<!--  EndFragment  -->