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Getting Multiple names to sort in Portals

Question asked by AlanMassey on Jul 28, 2015
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Getting Multiple names to sort in Portals


I'm a novice at FMP so bear with me on this one.

I'm trying to get records from one layout/table (shared rooms) to show up in a portal on another layout (Principal Investigator).  I have the "principal investigator" fields linked in the relationships diagram.  I want the Principal investigator layout to have a portal that shows all the rooms that this person uses.  If the "principal Investigator" field in the (Shared Room) layout matches the one in the (Principal Investigator) layout the room shows up in the portal.  Perfect right?  Except I want to be able to list multiple names in the "principal Investigator" field on the (Shared Room)  but when I do this it the room doesn't show up on either of the (PI) records anymore.

I've tried separating the names with "," ";" ":" and none of them work.


Does anyone have any advice on this?