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Getting portal name?

Question asked by mgores on Jul 14, 2011
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Getting portal name?


Is there a way to get a portal's name?

I have some forms I am working on that use a horizontal portal scheme, I have 6 to 12 portals on a layout depending on the form.

What I trying to do is find a way to have a field in the data table that keys that data record to that portal.  I have tried writing a script that sets Data::serialnum to the contents of the Form::samplenum field above the portal column, but that takes a separate script for each portal on each form.  With 20+ form layouts and at least 6 portals per, that is a lot of scripts.  I was thinking it would be easier if there was a way to get the name of the portal and put it in a variable, it would be possible to have one script for all.

I can find Get current portal row, but nothing that will get the portal name.