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Getting Portaled records to show the proper field in a relationship

Question asked by ijontichy on Sep 23, 2009
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Getting Portaled records to show the proper field in a relationship


FMP 10 advanced.

User--of questionable training but certainly tenacious.


I described part of this problem earlier and was very happy with the result then, but since that time I've discovered that it's not all quite working the way I had hoped.


3 Tables

Codebook (a log of every piece of film shot on a film project with an emphasis on the tracking of actual negative)

Example.   Sc 36B-tk2-Acamera

Datalog (information for every camera set up on the film with an emphasis on collecting pertinent recording data that can affect visual effects work)

Example data:   Lens.   Distance from subject.   Camera mount.   Length of dolly move.   File names of images captured on set for reference.


Takes (used to collect VFX information on individual takes that is related by a serial number to the Datalog.  Take information portals into the Datalog layouts so that I can see all the takes of each set up.

Example data:   tk 1:   no good   tk 2:  Director's pick.   tk 3:  Reference gray ball for lighting--no action.     Etc.


The same serial number (setupID) that ties the Takes and Datalog together ties to the Codebook so that for each unique piece of film I can associate the VFX information.


So the table relationship is...


Codebook::setupID  =  Datalog::setupID   = Takes::setupID




Now my trouble:



Having set up these relationships, Even if I'm looking at the record for take 2 or 3, I only ever see the take information for Take 1.


How do I get the database to show me the proper take information?   Portals are lovely but they confuse me too.


It's early days yet in terms of disemminating this data for use so if I can fix it now it saves me headaches later.


Thanks in advance for the stellar advice I know I can get here at this forum.   You guys are a great resource and I hope one day to be versed enough to be able to return the favor.