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Getting Record from Different File

Question asked by MatthewTschippert on Oct 22, 2010
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Getting Record from Different File


I am trying to create a script/custom function that gets a container field from a different file and inserts it onto the current file.

The outline would be something like

Select container field using drop down list
->ScriptTrigger (OnObjectEnter)
--> Copies container contents from individual record
--->Pastes container contents in designated field.

The purpose of this is to streamline the process of searching through an entirely different file for an image/panel that would then have to be copied and pasted and realigned. I do NOT want to just merge the two files because then the filemaker file would become rather large. Currently, there is a file with the collection of panels and it is already close to 40mbs.

The point on this script that I am stuck on is just selecting the data::table from the second file. I figured I could somehow access this second file, perform a find in Name field using the name of the drop down list (Value list currently set up is using the name field from the second file), and then import or copy/paste container field from the found record.

Could I get some tips on the accessing second file?