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Getting right RecordID from Portal???

Question asked by quirkycrone on Feb 7, 2014
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Getting right RecordID from Portal???


     I have a problem with a one (client) to many (residences) relationship that I am endeavoring to show in a tab on the page where I enter New Contacts.

     Even though the Portal in the tab Additional is on CLHomes (a table related to Contacts by CLID) when I trigger a script to capture the recordID from within a portal row, the recordID which is captured seems to be the recordID for Contacts.  When I set the HomeID to be the same as my capture I don't show any of the related info for the portal row outside of the portal on the tab for Other Addresses.

     I have read through many other posts on  portals and connecting the table in the portal to a copy in order to use the copy to display the particular expanded data from a selected portal and I can't seem to digest how this is done (probably because I am confused about how records are related because, unlike Access, there is no way to easily "see" RecordID or Go To it for that matter).

     So, I am thinking maybe if you can check out this script you can tell me where I am going wrong.