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    Getting started



      Getting started


      Good evening,

      I have been asked to create a new database to store and organize a very big amount of patient data from a certain medical procedure. I am going to receive around 100 pages of data (with a lot of yes / no - questions ) per patient. After entering all this data, I should be able to see this information organized over different tables (for example: patient history - used medicine - ...). This information should be linked by the patient number.

      Is it possible for me to import a PDF (or JPG) file as background to make the creation of the input fields easier, if this background exists of this many pages ?

      Should I create one big input table with this background and use portals to add all this information into the correct table directly ?

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          There are limits to the size of layouts in Filemaker, so 100 pages of answers are sure to exceed these limits. You could have 100 layouts, but this is probably not functional. Even 100 pages of questions may not be feasible. It depends on the number of questions and the length of the questions text. The length would determine design decisions.
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            Fortunately, almost all questions are Yes - No questions. The question would only be about 20 characters long tops, since its only an abbreviation of the actual question.