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Getting Started - New Table Creation?

Question asked by TerryGroulx on Oct 25, 2011
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Getting Started - New Table Creation?


Working on my first FMPro project, I have not worked in a relational DB since college, and that was MS Access.  

What I'm doing is creating a home grown solution to run my business as there is not an out of box available to meet my process needs, and cannot afford a custom solution at this point.  The idea is to do trial and error in the home grown, automate some simple processes and when I can afford it, give my DB to a FMPro Developer to "make it better, faster, stronger" 

The first issue I am running into is creating the product catalog.  I have set up my primary table, which will contain all products with non-category dependant information, but different categories of products have different attributes and I would like those to have their own table versus empty fields in the master table.   

I cannot figure out how to create the secondary tables....    

The only information I have found is to import an excel spreadsheet to create the table, but I want to set up the templates first.  

Thanks in advance.