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    Getting Started - New Table Creation?



      Getting Started - New Table Creation?


      Working on my first FMPro project, I have not worked in a relational DB since college, and that was MS Access.  

      What I'm doing is creating a home grown solution to run my business as there is not an out of box available to meet my process needs, and cannot afford a custom solution at this point.  The idea is to do trial and error in the home grown, automate some simple processes and when I can afford it, give my DB to a FMPro Developer to "make it better, faster, stronger" 

      The first issue I am running into is creating the product catalog.  I have set up my primary table, which will contain all products with non-category dependant information, but different categories of products have different attributes and I would like those to have their own table versus empty fields in the master table.   

      I cannot figure out how to create the secondary tables....    

      The only information I have found is to import an excel spreadsheet to create the table, but I want to set up the templates first.  

      Thanks in advance. 


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          OPen Manage | Database and click the tables tab.

          Enter the name of your new table and click create.

          Click the fields tab and add the fields you want for this new table.

          Click the relationships tab and you can now link this new table to other tables in relationships.

          FileMaker automatically creates one layout with the same name as your table when you create it. You can pull up this layout and modify it to suit your needs and you can also create additional layouts that refer to the same table.

          You may find this tutorial on "table occurrences" (those boxes found on the relationships tab) useful in getting up to speed on how they control the function of a FileMaker database: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?