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Getting the Number of records in a found set?

Question asked by BayState on Feb 28, 2009
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Getting the Number of records in a found set?


Hi, I have many people that use the database and alot of time they mess up the record information, because they think they are in find mode or whatever when they are not. So I'm creating a Layout for editing the info that is red in color and a Layout for Find Mode that is green. I'm also blocking the status area to limit their navigation because I want everything to be color coted for them and don't want the users to be able to navigate however they want something that the status area alows them to do.


Because I'm locking the status area I created fields to show the number of records in a found set and the recond number in the found set so they would know how many records where found and what record they are looking at


For record number in the found set I did             Get(RecordNumber)

For number of records in the found set I did        Get(FoundCount)


but they are both the records are not working acurately, they jump in numbers at random and they are diplaying the same number all the time.


Can anyone help me please?

What do I need to do so they show the same numbers as they would in the status area?