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Getting the scanner to read our bar codes and take action in FM Pro

Question asked by LeonGatewood on Jan 19, 2012
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Getting the scanner to read our bar codes and take action in FM Pro


I run a day shelter for the homeless.  Each client has a client number on his picture ID.  We have successfully added barcodes to these IDs in FM Pro. Each barcode, however, is simply the client number translated into barcode.

Our scanner is hooked up via USB cable to our computer.  (We have FM Pro 11 Server and a number of FM Pro 8 terminals.)

When each client enters our center, we want to be able to scan the barcode on their ID, and automatically note the current date, current time and that they entered our center (all in FM Pro).  Can anyone let me know the simplest way to do this?  Do we need to embed the script at the front of the bar code?  Can anyone give me a rough idea of how the script should read?  And how, for instance, I would translate "Control 1" (the instruction to perform the script) into something I could put in a barcode field?

We would like to do much the same thing at a different terminal except the 2nd terminal would automatically say the date, and time that a client got a meal.

The fields are set up in FM Pro already, I just don't know how to embed the proper info in the barcode so the scanner knows what to do to begin the process.  The three field names are 1) Time 2) Date and 3) EntryMeal.

Will this work even though our scanner is not directly connected to the keyboard?

Thank you in advance for any help!