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Getting the time and current frame of a movie in a container field

Question asked by AdamPWSmith on Jan 12, 2014
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Getting the time and current frame of a movie in a container field


     (My first post to this forum - if I've misplaced this question please let me know and I'll happily move to a more appropriate folder.)


     I'm trying to build a database that I can use to log video footage. I've a system that seems to be working for me so far, but there's a couple of tools that would be extremely useful to me and I can't find any way to make them happen.


     Attached is an image of what it looks like at the moment.


     I've got one entry for each film clip. I can name it, give it tags for people who appear in the clear or themes, make some notes about the type of shot and location, etc. 
     One of the key features is the portal on the right. I go through each clip, stop at significant moments, take a frame grab, and post it in a related table table that has the frame, the time, and a short description.

     At the moment I'm taking the frame grabs manually using Command-Shift-Control-4, area select, click, and then pasting that into the small container field. Then I manually enter the time and the optional description.

     What I really want is a function or plug in that lets me pause the video, press a button, and be able to get the current time of a movie in a container field, and capture the current frame.

     The Troi plug-in can get timecode but only from an external file and it needs to be proper timecode format, which is not part of DSLR footage. And it can't get the image of a specific frame.

     Is there any way to do this?