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Getting the value of a summary report

Question asked by DanielKua on Dec 6, 2012
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Getting the value of a summary report


     Hi, I have a table named Invoice that I use to enter invoices and an Invoice Data for the invoice line item. Invoice Data is connected to Invoice through the Control No. field which is auto generated. 

     The line items of the invoice are always of the same product type, so when a customer orders different product types, I invoice them according to the items product type. For example, Invoice 1 contains all the items of Type A and Invoice 2 contains all the items of Type B etc. An invoice will never have a mix of different product types.

     After that, I created a layout to get the statement of account of the invoices. What I did was to put the line items in the body of the layout and then create a trailing subsummary report by Invoice No. where I put the net amount of the invoice after discounts. The layout will then list down all the invoice transactions by Customer and then by Invoice Date.

     What I want to do is to get the net amount for all product types of a certain customer on a certain day, how do I do this?