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Getting totals based on value list items

Question asked by ijontichy on Nov 4, 2011
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Getting totals based on value list items


Maybe this is easy so I appreciate your patience.


Let's say for the sake of argument that I have a very simple database that keeps two pieces of information


Name   Shirt Size


Shirt size is entered via a pulldown from a value list.


Now, in the past, I've always created a calc field to the tune of:


If Shirt Size = "XL"; 1;0

and than a summary field that counts that specific calc field.


But if, having set up that database with all the different sizes a new size is added, it's a pain to have to set up yet another calc and summary field.


It strikes me there's a better way and I simply have not learned it.


OR is there a way to automatically "generate" the cal using the values in the Value list?  That way when a new value is added the calculation is done automatically?


I hope I've provided enough information to make sense.  And I remain grateful for any help that can be provided.