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    Getting two starter templates to be one database



      Getting two starter templates to be one database


      Does anyone know the best way to link the starter template Inventory to the Contact template?   I slightly modifying the templates so that I can track my customer’s Info and there computer equipment like servers, CPU’s, Firewalls etc….   The way I understand of doing this after doing some research online is that I need assign a Primary Key to each client.   Then assign same PK on the inventory side too?   It’s been a few years since my last database class!!!!   Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          The starter templates should already have those primary key fields. Open up Manage | Database | fields and look for fields defined with auto-entered serial numbers.

          In the case of the Invoicing starter solution, you have a table named "customers" with a customerID field as the primary key. The trick to linking the two files is to change the 4 Table occurrence boxes in Manage | Database | Relationships to refer to the Contact Management table in the Contact management file.

          Not only does that require updating these four TO boxes to refer to an external Filemaker Source--contact manager, but you'll use the field K_ID_Contact in place of Contact ID in the relationships in Invoices. And you'll need to compare definition of the similars field in customers with the definition of the k_similars field in contact manager to see if they are the same or if you'll need to add this field from Customers to the Contact Manager table.