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Getting unique numbers for one numberseries (table)?

Question asked by strune on Jul 22, 2009
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Getting unique numbers for one numberseries (table)?


I have 4 tables: District ----> Owner ----> Calvesnumbers <---- Fencenumbers


District-table is related to Owner-table (owner has district as a field). Owner-table i related to Calvesnumbers-table (Calvesnumber has Owner as a field) and Calvesnumbers-table is related to Fencenumbers-table (Calvesnumbers has Fencenumbers as a field).. Everything is OK so far..


But I would like the Calvesnumbers-table to have unique calvesnumbers, based on unique Fencenumbers. This means that Fencenumber 1 can have a unique calvesnumber 1, and furthermore Fencenumber 2 can also have calvesnumber 1. But never can the Fencenumber 1 have calvesnumber 1 twice in the same Fencenumber.


Should i make another table here, or something else?!