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Getting Zip + 4, Need Tab Key as part of info Copied to Clipboard

Question asked by BruceHolmes on Feb 8, 2010
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Getting Zip + 4, Need Tab Key as part of info Copied to Clipboard


I'm trying to automate the importing of addresses into the database and have largely succeeded.  Now I need to take that information and get the Zip + 4.  There's evidently a way to query the USPS with XML code, but I doubt I have the chops to do it.  I'd love to write an AppleScript to paste the address information into the Safari USPS page which takes the street address info before responding with the Zip + 4.  But a much simpler solution might be to just create a field which would be a combination of the fields to go into the form, with a tab key after each field (i.e. field & tabkey & field & tabkey etc.) take us to the next field and the next info to be input.  If I could copy field & tabkey & field & tabkey etc. onto the clipboard, I could then quickly fill out the web page by doing a paste command while in the first street address field and avoid having to type the address.  How do you add the tab key to a field? I tried using "%0B", and that accomplished nothing. Or if someone has sample code for doing this sort of thing in AppleScript or XML, I'd love to see it.