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Ghost portal record-- can't enter, can't delete

Question asked by AEH on Nov 16, 2011
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Ghost portal record-- can't enter, can't delete


Using FM Pro 11 Advanced

In a table of alumni, a portal of positions is suddenly acting strangely.  After a new position was entered, a "ghost" portal row has appeared which persists in staying at the top of the portal, ignoring the normal portal sort order.  It shows only blank fields, has no position ID, and no data can be entered in any field.  The portal row can not be deleted.  (Not surprising, since it has no ID, so it apparently doesn't exist.)

The table of positions shows two normal entries, plus another between them with question marks in every field.  Tried deleting this row from the table of positions, and it disappeared at first, but when the record was viewed in the portal again, the ghost row had reappeared (and the record with question marks reappeared in the position table).

The portal otherwise appears to work fine for other alumni.  If the portal were somehow corrupt, I would think it would show the same problem for other records.

We have never seen anything like this and are stumped!