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    Global Calculation



      Global Calculation


      FMS 10

      FMPA 10

      Windows 2003 x64


      I thought global storage under a FMS situation, each user could change a global field without effecting all the other users.

      Trying to make a calculated field (global) to store the AccountName for relationships but it only puts 1 value in for all users (the AccountName of the first person to open the file.)

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          Just wondering, do each person use a separate account within the FileMaker file?  or are they using a group account in FileMaker and using username?  There's a difference between get(username) and get(accountname).


          Globals (global field, global calculation) is different from fields and calculations under specific situations.


          The value is initialized by a person that is the only person to open the file.

          If multiple users open the file, then it should be based on the usage on the client end only.



          Person 1 opens the file locally.  Edits a global field and shares the file

          Person 2 opens the file, changes the global field.

          Person 3 opens the file, and will still see what Person 1 had typed in originally.

          Person 1 changes the global field; Person 4 opens the file and still see the original edit of the global field. (from step 1)


          If they all close the file and reopen it, they will all see what person 1 had originally put in because it was edited when the file was only being used by 1 person.


          So if the Server ends up hosting the file after this condition, then the initial value in the global should be consistent with what Person 1 had done in step 1.  



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            Are you sure that the value isnt the value that was calculated when starting to be hosted?


            With a global calculation, you would still need an action to make the calculation recalculate.


            Also see here.



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              Oh, snap.  I forgot about the refreshing of a global.  Thanks Mr_Vodka for the link.