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    Global Date field search



      Global Date field search


      Good Morning,

      I have a releationship that uses a global search field to match the date of stock Items used on a daily basis. Since some of the stock items can be used for 2 or 3 days I would like the global field to identify the span of the days. Basically I have created a temporary sample inventory that I use to pick Items from on a daily basis. I have tried the basic date range search and this doesn't work. Also tried creating a date start field and a date end field with a date span calculation field as the global search field but haven't been successful. 

      UniversalItems:gsearchfield X DailyPull:Date


      As always thank you for your direction,


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          Can you give an example of the data being searched?

          What fields record when the item was checked out and when it is due to be returned?

          Can you give an example of the search you want to perform?

          Do you want to find all items checked out over a given range of dates or all items checked out on a specific date?

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            I have a T O  "DailyPull" and DailyPull_Lineitems"  that I create a PullOrder in Daily Pull based on the date and Select Items from my inventory portal.

            This relates to a "Universal Report" which I use the  DailyPull Items from. The Daily Pull Date is the global link that makes items available to the Universal report.

            An Example: I create a Universal Report from a Universal TO which has a Daily Pull portal that when the daily Pull global date is changed the items change. Ideally I  would like a span of days. 

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              Yes, but how do you know an item previously pulled will not be available the next day due to being an item that "can be used for 2 or 3 days"?

              Do you assume that all items are returned on time or do you check them back into inventory?

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                The items do not come back into the DP inventory. The universal report is to track only when items are presented to a customer. The shelf life of the product is maximum 3 days. 

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                  You could use a calculation in the child record to create a return delimited list of dates, so if you want it to appear for 3 days, you can set a date when the item is placed into inventory and add 2 additional dates to this calculation. Then use the calc in the relationship, so as long as the date in the global field matches one of the dates you will get your result.

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                    I'm afraid that I can't quit picture what you are trying to do.

                    Do you want to enter a date such as march 6, 2012 and get a list of all items "pulled" on that date? Can't be that simple.

                    1. All items "pulled from march 6 through 9?
                    2. All items pulled on March 6, but include items pulled on March 5 if they have a 2 day shelf life and also those pulled on March 4 if they have a 3 day shelf life?
                    3. Options 1 and 2 combined?
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                      Yes its probably simpiler than I am explaining. I thought if I could just put in a span of time to show the products such as March 6th through March 9 would be prefect.  As I tried to explain earlier putting in a date range of 3/6/2o12...3/9/2o12 doesn't the solution. 

                      Do you want to enter a date such as march 6, 2012 and get a list of all items "pulled" on that date? Can't be that simple. This is what I have now but is limited to only one day. 

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                        Sorry but that didn't answer my questions. Please read the list of options 1-3 and tell my what you want.

                        They can all be done but I still don't know what you want.

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                          yes #2 includes the 3 day shelf life is perfect

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                            Add a field that records the shelf life in days. Given what we have here, that would be the number 1, 2 or 3.

                            Define a calculation field, DateDue defined to return date as:

                            DatePulled + ShelfLife

                            Now specify your search criteria by entering the desired date into both fields with inequality operators:

                            Put: <3/8/2012 into DatePulled and put >3/8/2012 into the DateDue field.

                            As a script using today's date, it would look like this:

                            enter Find mode[]
                            Set Field [YourTable::DatePulled ; "≤" & Get ( CurrentDate ) ]
                            Set Field [YourTable::DateDue ; "≥" & get ( CurrentDate ) ]
                            Set Error Capture [on]
                            Perform Find []

                            For using a date specified by the user, replace Get ( CurrentDate ) with a reference to a global date field where the user selected a date.

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                              Well I have really really toiled with this one I have to say.  I have not been able to get a relationship between the Daily Pull Portal and my UCR form to work.  The script information provided does find the date span with the shelf life for the Daily Pull records now I need a common Global field  that searches the data. Currently I have the GlobalDate field as my relationship Universal:gseachfield X DailyPull Date will show all my portal information and I can change the selection by the date. My Example: I create my Universal form on March 12th. on the left side is my portal of items to choose from I can change the date to the 11th, 7th a month ago and it shows me what my daily pull records were for that day.

                              I have tried using a "DateSpan" calculation that matches in both the UCR report and DailyPull Table as a matching field 3/9/2012...3/12/2012 and has not worked? I feel a bit lost on this one. I will use this on an ipad so having to use the calendar to do a span is impractical although I know I can use two date fields and have calculate although still very cumbersome.  I am probably missing a very simple solution. Thanks for the guidance.

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                                For a relationship, set it up this way (assuming DateDue is Date + shelfLife - 1)

                                UNIV::g_searchDate > DailyPUll_4Select::Date AND
                                UNIV::g_SearchDate < DailyPull_4Select::DateDue AND
                                UNIV::gSupplierCode = DailyPull_4Select::Code_PB_pk

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                                   I've gotten so lost in this journey I needed to step away unfortunately still lost. Attached are my pictures of my Daily Pull and Universal. I've become very confused Im sure you can clarify when seeing.  What I did: Step one. In the DailyPull T/O  I made a "shelf life" field with +3 days and a 'Date_Opened' field the creation date. 2. Created a "DateSpan" calc of DateOpened + ShelfLife. 3. In the DailyPull LineItems created a CalcField "DateSpan" that auto enters the DP_DateSpan. 4 Using the Universal T/O created a "DateCalled" creation date and a ShelfLife Field that is calc -3 days., 5." Date_Open" = Date_Called - ShelfLife 6. DateSpan = Date_Opened & "..." & Date_Called. Thank you for your time.

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                                    Not sure how to load multiple will be adding additional. this is the Daily Portal

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