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    Global Date Field shows incorrect date



      Global Date Field shows incorrect date


      I have a date range script where I use two global date fields START and END and use a script to find a records that fall between the date range.

      Enter Find Mode

      Set Field [date; global start&"..."&global end

      Perform find

      The odd thing is using the data viewer, I see the dates the script is looking for are not the dates I have entered into the global fields. The global fields contain the dates 12/14/2014 and 12/20/2014 but the dates showing in the data viewer are 11/5/2014 and 11/19/2014. I have tried running a script that sets the global fields to empty and then entering dates. Still the save November dates persist. I have used this script before and have not seen this issue. I am not sure why the global fields are not resetting with the current information. 

      Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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          Sounds like the fields used in your script are not the fields you are editing to enter these dates.

          Check the full field references for the fields where you enter the dates and compare them to that used in your script.

          The full field reference can be seen in "display data from" in the Inspector as well as in your script steps and data viewer. A full field reference takes the form of TableOccurrenceName::FieldName. My best guess is that you have two fields with the same name, but defined in different tables and thus your script refers to a field from one table while the fields you are editing are defined in a different table.

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            Thank you for the guidance. That did the trick.