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Global Date Field shows incorrect date

Question asked by aklobby on Jan 5, 2015
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Global Date Field shows incorrect date


I have a date range script where I use two global date fields START and END and use a script to find a records that fall between the date range.

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [date; global start&"..."&global end

Perform find

The odd thing is using the data viewer, I see the dates the script is looking for are not the dates I have entered into the global fields. The global fields contain the dates 12/14/2014 and 12/20/2014 but the dates showing in the data viewer are 11/5/2014 and 11/19/2014. I have tried running a script that sets the global fields to empty and then entering dates. Still the save November dates persist. I have used this script before and have not seen this issue. I am not sure why the global fields are not resetting with the current information. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.