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Global Field Auto Save

Question asked by KenHoopes on Jan 14, 2014
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Global Field Auto Save


     I am encountering an issue, where  trying to capture global field changes, I am able to surpass the capture by simply exiting the layout. Please review my issue in detail below and advise.


     Please note - the tables are actually more robust, I have simplified them for the purpose of understanding how to achieve my desired results.


     I have the following 4 tables with the following fields:


     -gpart_num -> this is a global field

     -gpart_rev -> this is a global field



     -gitem_emp -> this is a global field

     -gitem_sn -> this is a global field



     -id - >this is an autonumber



     -datemodified -> this is an auto timestamp



     -id -> this is an autonumber





     -datecreated -> this is an auto timestamp


     I then have two layouts, one for updateing the part info, which changes only monthly, and one for updating the item info which changes with each item made.

     On my part information submission layout i have two data fields for gtbl_partdetails::gpart_num and gtbl_partdetails::gpart_rev. I then have two available buttons, one is submit, which launches a script that uses open layout--> new record --> set fields --> commit --> return to layout. This works great. i then get a history of each time the global fields have been changed.

     However, if the user makes changes to the fields, and uses the close button, which simply returns them to a previous layout, the global fields are still updated, but the change is not tracked in the history table.

     It's as if each time i tab out of the global field, the data in the global field is saved. I do not want them to be able to edit the global fields unless they use the submit button to record the change in history.

     I hope it makes sense... maybe?