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    Global field data disapears



      Global field data disapears


       I'm using a global text field as sort of a to-do list in FM 11, However when I exit the application and re-open it the data disapears. Any suggestions?

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          If you are the client of a hosted database, (You used open remote to connect to the file), this is expected behavior for global fields. By design, changes to the values of global fields are not visible to other users and are not retained when you close the file on a hosted database. That way, global fields can be used by all users without their edits interfering with each other.

          There are several different ways you can make a change to a global field that will "stick".

          1. Open the file on the host computer and make the changes there. If you are using FileMaker Server, this requires taking the file down off the server, opening it with FileMaker Pro and then returning it to Server after making the changes.
          2. Store the default values for your global fields in a table with non-global fields. Use a script that is performed automatically when the file opens to update the global fields with values from this field. To make a lasting change to the value in the global field, edit the value in the corresponding non-global field from which it is initialized. (Changes will not be seen by current users until they close and re-open the file.)
          3. Write a script that sets the values of the global fields, but then use a server schedule to run the script for you instead of running it from a client session. Server scheduled scripts run in a "host" context so changes to global fields will be retained. (Changes will not be seen by current users until they close and re-open the file.)
          4. Don't use global fields at all. Use non-global fields and then link this table to each required table occurrence with the X (cartesian join) operator. This takes more work and edits made by one user will be visible to others--so use this approach only if that is a requirement in order to get your solution to work correctly.