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Global field in header Q

Question asked by JCrawford on Jun 25, 2013
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Global field in header Q



     I'm still using FMP 11. Maybe it is now essential to upgrade to FMP 12, something I postpone because of the hassle.

     I have a header on a fiscal report with two global fields. One global is the starting date for the report. The other is the ending date. The fields are used in a find function and they label the top of the report with a date range. The report does not display a body - it is only a single summary part sorted by Month Name. Picture attached.

     The globals in the header act buggy. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they disappear. Sometimes they appear but the value can't be changed, or they get hung up on the drop down calendar. I tried a few things to "jiggle" them into cooperation, including a few different script triggers upon entry, modify, or exit involving Refresh Window. The most effect script trigger has a "Go to Object" down in the Summary part, followed by Refresh Window. This one works most of the time. Of I can just click my curser in the summary part. That unbinds it.  Will FMP 12 fix this particular situation for a report without a body, and global fields in the header?