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Global Field Inaccessible in IWP

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Jan 4, 2011
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Global Field Inaccessible in IWP


I have a script that cycles through various searches and counts and builds up the results into a final summary report, displayed in a global gReportResult field, where the user can browse it, or click a 'Copy' button on the screen to allow them to paste it and edit the results, say.

It works perfectly for all clients in an FM multi-user environment. However when it is accessed through IWP my 'Copy' button (a simple one-line script that is 'Copy, Field, Select All)')doesn't work. I have checked that the 'Copy' script step is IWP-compatible, and in the text of the FM manual it explicitly says it is, with no restrictions or caveats.

If I manually highlight the contents of the field (in the web browser) and copy them, I can paste them successfully. If I try to emulate that and change the script to be: - Go to field - Select All - Copy ... it fails If I change the script step to set the gReportResult field to be: Set Field = gReportResult = "I have changed this ---" & gReportResult ...field then it does that edit perfectly.

After much changing and testing I realised that if I change the field that is to be copied to be a non-global field everything works correctly. It is as if the web-client does not recognise the contents of the global field - yet it *does* if I manually select the contents and copy them, and it *does* if I use their contents in a SELF-referencing calculation. (As part of my experiments to find a work-around, I temporarily set a non-global field to store the data of the global gReportResult field and treid to copy it from there - but it wouldn't set the 'normal' field in the first place.

So: it wouldn't use the contents of the global field to set another field, but would use them to re-set itself?) I know that global fields behave differently for clients versus hosts, single-user versus shared, etc, but I had not realised that global fields can appear to be 'invisible' to the 'Copy' script step.

In summary: - Access a file remotely using IWP, use the 'Copy' script step to copy the contents of a field to the clipboard. - Works perfectly if the field is a normal field - Fails completely if the field is a global field Question: am I missing something simple, or is there a work-around?

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