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    Global Field Issue - Help



      Global Field Issue - Help




      in my database i have a global field which is available on 2 different layouts within the same database. i am using this to display a leaderboard of my staff's results for the week so far (1 layout is editable the other is view only)


      now from the help section, i understand that only changes made on the host are saved and all others are lost which corresponds with what happens. whenever we update it, it doesn't show on anyone elses computers and reverts to the original text everytime it is restarted.


      As teh files are hosted on Filemaker server, it is not feasible to update everyday by accessing the server to do this, surely there must be a solution  so that i can show text across all records?

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          Globals are local to the clients machine.

          Changing a global as a client will changes the field only on their local copy.

          The global on the server is not changed.


          One technique -   use a 1 record table to hold all the fields that are considered "project globals". Since the data is held in a record it will be able to be modified by clients and reflected on all users local copies.


          You will need a relationship between the project table and your other tables.


          I'm sure you will get some other techniques from other users.