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Global Field Relationship- Dashboard Build

Question asked by ShariDivido on Mar 27, 2015
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Global Field Relationship- Dashboard Build


Hi everyone, hope you can help me.  I watched a FMP video the other day talking about building a dashboard.  It was a very helpful tool, except that I must be missing something.  I have 3 tables.  An "interface" table which has one global field which is a date which relates to a "months" table.  The instructions were to create 2 calculation fields (a start and end date) in the "months" table based on the global date field in the "interface" table.  Then I needed to create a field in the "months" table that showed the sum of the "incidents" (my 3rd table which is related to the "months" table by a calculation using the start and end dates and the date of the incident).  My problem is that it seems to work when I first put them on the layout and the start and end dates in the months table work great, but the # of incidents does not "update" when I change the date in the global field from the "interface" table.  The layout is the "interface" table with the global field on it and the "months" table showing the "#of incidents" in the table.  Can anyone advise me on this or tell me what I am doing wrong?  I really appreciate you help! Thanks!