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Global field resetting other fields???

Question asked by DavidLott on Mar 24, 2011
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Global field resetting other fields???


I have a global numeric field defined for adding stock to inventory (gQuantityAdd).  After leaving that field, a script runs that adds the gQuantityAdd amount to the inventory total and then resets the gQuantityAdd to "0".  That all works fine. 

Then I wanted to add the gQuantityAdd amount only to another separate numeric field (Quantity4Labels) in order to later run a print labels script that will print only labels for the newly added stock and not the new entire stock amount. Sounds simple enought.

However, I have tried about 5 different ways to get the gQuantityAdd to be placed into the Quantity4Labels field without getting reset to "0" when I reset gQuantityAdd.  I've tried SetValue and then SetField, Insert Calculation , etc. and the Quantity4Labels continues to be reset to "0" when the gQuantityAdd does.

Any help would be apprecited.