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Global Field Saving Values in Hosted Enviornment

Question asked by RestaurantCharlie on Mar 22, 2011
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Global Field Saving Values in Hosted Enviornment


I have created several global fields to store selected values to act as filters in reports.

For example, a Global Starting date and a Global End Date for a report.

Our solution is hosted on FMS 11.

I noticed that when I closed and open the file, the first values I put in the fields to run my tests, always show up. Even if I change the values of the fields, close the fiile, open it again, the same values are there.

Yes, this is common behavior for global fields. They retain the last value that was in them when the file was not shared.


1) the fields were created when the file was being shared

2) I stopped sharing the file, opened it exclusively, and for some reason it doesn't let me in to the field to change it (Field Entry/Browse Mode/Checked). So I wrote a quick script to set the value of the fields to: "".

I started the file on FMS again and it seemed fine, no values were set as default for those fields.

BUT THEY ARE BACK. Nobody but myself has access to FMS to stop the sharing of the file to open it and change these values.

ANY IDEAS on what could be causing this?

I have an idea for a practical fix: include a  (SET FIELD GLOBALDATE; "") script step. But I'm worried there is a deeper issue that needs attention and it might come back later as a stronger more complicated problem.