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Global fields

Question asked by GaryVogt on Jan 19, 2014
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Global fields


     I asked this once before and thought I had it figured out.

     One database.  Two different data field tables.  I merged two commonly used files into one so I could share info more easily.

     Database 2 has Summary and calculation results that I want to use in Database 1.

     I Created a Global field that was a calculation of the Summary/Calculation field that looks something like ...

           Expense General (calculation) = x+y+z

           Expense General_G (calculation, global) = Expense General

     It worked at first.  I was happy to see the fields with the correct values.  Then, adding more data and now the global fields are empty.  So, if I have a calculation field that has a result, why does the result for the global calculation go empty?  Especially if the Global field only has the same calculation?