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Global Fields and Home Pages

Question asked by Jorman on Oct 4, 2011
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Global Fields and Home Pages


I have been digging through every post I can to try to understand global fields and their use but I feel as though I am not getting something in the grander sense of it all. I understand that the global fields are available to all layouts and that they temporarily hold data for that specific user while they are in the program and then the data returns to its set value from the host. Am I missing anything in this?

From here I am not sure of what to do with some of these things. I am trying to create a start page for my solution that will allow users to jump to specific layouts to accomplish their goals, but as much as I dig into this idea I am apparently not searching for the correct terms or I am just not finding what I am looking for. Is there a write up somewhere that could help me set up this style page that would allow users to click buttons to take them to specific layout (I am guessing this is just a button setup), but are there global fields I need to set up for this type of functionality and if so what? I am quite confused on the actual implementation of globals.


Thank you for your time and help!