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Global fields as data holders

Question asked by Marty1 on Nov 16, 2010
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Global fields as data holders



I am having an issue to search data between various databases and layouts. In database 'products' I can list all products and select one, say "part_num". I have tried various 'set field' and other methods to then go into another data base 'Invoice_lines' and display all invoice lines that contain that part number. I have tried to evaluate the ERD relationships, they seem fine, but I can not get this to function correctly. The only method I have found to work is using a script like:

Insert Calculated Result [Select; Globals::number; Products::part_num]

Goto layout ["customers"(Invoices_customers) ] 

{there is a relationship between 'invoice_customers' and 'Invoice_Lines'}

Enter find mode []

Set Field [Invoice_lines::prod_num; globals::number]

Perform Find []

My question is; is this an acceptable method to transfer data between databases for search and manipulation purposes?, what issues are there using this method and any thoughts as to why I could not just jump between databases and search the product numbers.

appreciate your assistance

Best regards