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    Global Layout Objects



      Global Layout Objects


      I'd love to be able to configure a layout field in one layout, and have its font, background color, etc., automatically be reflected in the same field in other layouts. Sort of Global Layout Objects. For instance, say I create a Company Header just the way I want, in a layout called Global Objects. I created it by accessing a global field that has the company name in a particular table. Now I want the Company Header field to be at the top of every layout the user sees when accessing the solution. I'd love that layout object to be llinked to the original layout object in the layout called Global Objects, so that if I later change, say, its background color in the Global Objects layout, it's changed in all layouts that have that field linked to the one in the Global Objects layout.


      I guess what I'm asking for is the ability to not only drag a field from a table into a layout, but also drag one from another layout, where the field in the other layout from which the field is dragged, controls the properties of the field in the layout to which it's dragged. 


      Is there a way to mimic this behavior in FMP10 as is stands now?

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          Im not sure about font-attributes and so, i'd have to try that. But with container data  you can have the following setup:

          Create a record with normally stored containerfield(s) and paste the objects you want use through-out your databases into these fields. You can create formatted text in layout-mode, copy that object and then goto browse-mode and paste the text-object into a container-field.


          Then in the same table you create again as many container-fields as you have before but now set the storage to global (to make using it eassier just duplicate your fieldnames and enter _g in front of the name).


          Now when you start up your solution just set the global fields with the values from the particular record you have chosen. This may seem as a lot of effort, because you can also set the globals when you have the file stand-alone. In a client-server environment however it is much safer to just fill the globals everytime you open your files.


          This was the preparation, now goto the file(s) where you need the logo's and texts and just create one table-occurrence for the table you've created. You don't need any relationship at all!

          Now add the global-stored field(s) to the layout(s) where you need them ... switch over to browse-mode




          regards, Menno

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               Don't forget the obvious here: Once you've created objects on one layout, you can copy and paste them to another. If the underlying Table reference is the same, there shouldn't be any problerms doing this and all your formatting will be replicated in the new layout.
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                 Well, I tried the first suggestion. The problem that suggestion faces is that the object I want to update in many layouts is a grouped set of text fields, with various formatting (fill and text formatting). I didn't find the container approach worked well with that. As far as copying the object from one layout to all the others, that's probably the easiest. You would have thought I would have considered that before, since I do that with various other objects already, like icons, but I never did that. That's what I'll do from now on. Still, it would be nice to have some sort of library of objects that, when changed, ripple througout the solution. I think Clarion does this.