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Global Layout Objects

Question asked by ralvy on Sep 4, 2009
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Global Layout Objects


I'd love to be able to configure a layout field in one layout, and have its font, background color, etc., automatically be reflected in the same field in other layouts. Sort of Global Layout Objects. For instance, say I create a Company Header just the way I want, in a layout called Global Objects. I created it by accessing a global field that has the company name in a particular table. Now I want the Company Header field to be at the top of every layout the user sees when accessing the solution. I'd love that layout object to be llinked to the original layout object in the layout called Global Objects, so that if I later change, say, its background color in the Global Objects layout, it's changed in all layouts that have that field linked to the one in the Global Objects layout.


I guess what I'm asking for is the ability to not only drag a field from a table into a layout, but also drag one from another layout, where the field in the other layout from which the field is dragged, controls the properties of the field in the layout to which it's dragged. 


Is there a way to mimic this behavior in FMP10 as is stands now?