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    Global Pop-up Field won't pop-up on layout with no body.



      Global Pop-up Field won't pop-up on layout with no body.


      I'm working on three layouts right now.

      One is a normal run of the mill list lay out were you can add records.

      The second layout is a pivot table, using portals, where you can see records by a seven day window time frame. It has header, body and subsummary by currency. I also have a global field in the header on all three layouts, where you select what account you want to work on or visualize. And whatever layout you are on a script trigger filters the records to just that account.

      The third layout is very condensed, and consists of a header and two subsummary parts, one for expense type and the other for currency. It does the same as the second layout, gives you a seven day window time frame (columns) and gives you the summary for that expense type on each subsummary.

      My problem is on the third layout, I click the global account pop-up in the header, and it won't pop!!! The only difference I can think of between layout #3 and the other two is that it doesn't have a body.

      I also have a global date field on layouts 2 and 3. On layout 3 it doesn't work that well when I the drop down calender comes up. I select a date, and it won't commit...

      Suggestions, Work arounds, etc???