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Global portal pattern count sort question

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Dec 8, 2011
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Global portal pattern count sort question


I have 4 global fields I use for sorting that work great however when using the pattern count function on the 4th field information must always be present to show records.  What would be the calculation so when nothing is displayed in all the global fields  all records will list? If I don't use the pattern count works fine and all records show. here is my filter. I tried both "OR" and xor  with no success

Order_Entry::gSearchField 1 = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_PB_pk ; Length (Order_Entry::gSearchField 1 ) ) and Order_Entry::gSearchField 2 = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_Vint_LK; Length (Order_Entry::gSearchField 2 ) )and Order_Entry::gSearchField 3 = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_Size; Length (Order_Entry::gSearchField 3 ) ) and PatternCount ( Products_4select_e::c_ItemName;Order_Entry::gSearchField 4 )