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    Global Storage Fields



      Global Storage Fields



      I have created a number of Global Storage fields.  Do these need to be container fields?  I have them as test with dropdowns with a value list.  I can choose values and they retain their values.  However, if someone else goes into the database the values are not there and if I close out of filemaker and go back in the values are gone.  Can someone tell me where I am making my mistake?




      More info to clarify...


      I basically set up two types of fields.  Both Global.  Both Text fields.  One has a value list of names of users and one has a value list of resources (licenses in this case).  I want a user to be able to go to this layout and select their name and which licenses they are using.  We basically have 30 VM's.  I set up a user field and a licenses field for each VM so if I am using VM01 I go to the user field next to VM01 and choose my name from the dropdown and then choose the licenses from the VM01 licenses field (value list of check boxes) and other users can do this for the user and license fields next to vm02, 03 etc.

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          Container fields are used to store files, images etc and thus are not an option for what you are doing.

          What you describe is actually expected behavior for global fields when hosting the file over a network.

          Here's a knowledgebase article on the subject: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5895/kw/global%20network

          To make changes to the global field values "stick" and be visible to other users, you'd need to change these values on the "host". If you are hosting the file with Filemaker server, you'd either take the file down off the server, edit the field(s) and then put it back up on the server or use a script run from a server schedule to modify the fields. If you are using Filemaker Pro to host the files, you can just open the file on that computer and edit the fields.

          There are work arounds that enable you to make changes that stick and are visible to all users. You can store these values in nonglobal fields in a related table that you link to your other tables with the X operator instead of =. You can also store these values in a separate table and use a script that runs when the file is opened to copy the values from this table into a set of global fields.

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             Thanks Phil.  From what you are saying if all the users are opening the database "remote" then the selections will not stick and there is not a whole lot I can do other than making the choices from the hosting copy.


            It seems like it should be a simple thing to do.  Create a field that someone can choose a value.  That field is not linked to a record but all records.  Everyone who looks at the field will see the same value.  Having to connect to the host computer to make changes seems a bit bulky as well as having to create (as if I know how as i am a novice) tables that pull data from one field to another.  Is there not a simple solution to what I am trying to do?



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              If you read the last paragraph of my previous post again, I describe two ways to set up what you want to do.

              The behavior of global fields on a hosted file is deliberately set up this way so that users can use these fields without their edits interferring with what another user is doing.

              Think about it, I pull up a search form of global fields and starting entering search criteria in them and another user does the same thing at the same time. If global fields didn't work this way, we'd see each other's criteria showing up and this would keep both of us from successfully using the search form at the same time...