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Global Table Function

Question asked by RockSure on May 15, 2015
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Global Table Function


Trying to get my head around the Global table function and if this will cause any issues down the road.
The goal is to have one layout for all the admin stuff rather then 30 layouts. 

I have several tables like such that hold status, types, category, city, state the list goes on.
I have created a Global table named CompanyInfo with a PK and one text field. 
I have added a fkCompanyInfo in each of the status, types, category, city ect tables and created relationships as such One company to many status, one company to many types etc. The relationship only exists to aid in this global admin function.  

Created a Layout based on the Company info table and a tab panel for each of the related tables, types, category, city, state. 
Dropped a portal on the tab panel of the related panel. 

This all works.
So the ? is any issue with a bunch of one to many off of the company table
Would this be the best approach to achieving the goal.