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    Global Variables on the fly?



      Global Variables on the fly?


      In PHP it is possible to reference variables "variably", e.g.:


      $files = array('dog','cat','pig');

      $cars = array('bmw','toyota','masda');

       $currentArray = 'files';

      echo $$currentArray[0]; //will print dog


      Is there a way to do this in FM?


      I have a table called settings. There are 3 columns: setting_id, setting_name, setting_value. What I want to do is create a script that will, upon opening the file, run through each record in this table and create a global variable with the setting_name column.


      So once again, to recapitulate, If the field setting_name says "maxUsers", I want to create a script step that will make a global variable called maxUsers and set it to what the setting_value column says.