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Globals on a Network

Question asked by Greg123 on Feb 12, 2009
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Globals on a Network


FMP 8.5 with latest update  

I have a file shared between two computers - host and 1 client. Host is XP and client is Vista

I have a global field called "Next Deposit"

When a user enters a new payment, the deposit date is pulled from the "Next Deposit" field

Then I do a find for the date and print a list of the cheques.

Then I manually change the "Next Deposit" to some date in the future on both machines.

This system has been working great for years.


My problem started when I got a new machine with Vista.

Now after I have changed the "Next Deposit" date on both machines it stays as it should UNTIL the client machine closes and opens the file at which point the date reverts to the previous value.

I have read some other posts about global values being session specific and I understand that to mean that when the client opens the file (a new session) it should take the current value from the host.


Can anybody explain this behavior?

Thank you in advance