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GMAIL SMTP settings work with one account but not the other.

Question asked by wildcat on Mar 16, 2015
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GMAIL SMTP settings work with one account but not the other.


I am using FM Pro 13 on Server 13

I wrote a script to take email addresses from one table and use them to mail a PDF copy of  layout in another table to those recipients in the first table.  I have fields in a third table that the user can input the email information for their account to send the email from.  I incorporate this into the send mail script using the SMTP option.

This all works fine when sending from my Gmail account which is set up as a IMAP.  The emails are sent as expected

When I use a second Gmail address to try and send the exact same thing, I get a "connection was refused by SMTP server" message.

The second address was set up originally as a POP3 account, but I went into the settings and changed it to IMAP but got the same result.

I have received messages from Google that the second email account is blocking the IP I am trying to send from.

I indicated to Gmail that it is me and that it is a correct IP address I am using.

I still get the same results, can send from the first, but not the second gmail address.

I have tried both ports 587 and 465 as well as SSL and TLS.

Any ideas on how to get the second email address to work?