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    Go Back / Forward script



      Go Back / Forward script



      I am having trouble trying set up a forward and back button on each layout that will take the user to the previous layout or the next.

      Please help.


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          Set up buttons with Go To Layout (Specify Layout Number by Calculation) = Get(LayoutNumber) - 1 to go back, +1 to go forward, always assuming that the order in which they are listed is the order in which you want them...

          Although why you'd want to give this control to a user I'm not sure - they might find a layout you wouldn't want them to have access to...are you sure you want to do that?

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            Or have global fields that stores the layout names (forward and back) [ Get ( LayoutName ) ]

            Then use: Go To Layout ( Name by Calculation ) with the global field content in a script that would re-record the layoutnames.  By this method it is possible to have more control on which layouts the user is allowed to go. Sometimes I don't set the global layout name if I don't want the user to go to the previous layout, and have the possiblity of sending a message to the use they aren't able to do that.

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              You can also use a a global variable for this:

              Go To Layout [$$LayoutName]

              It requires that you use this script step: Set Variable [$$LayoutName ; Get ( LayoutName )]

              Each time you change to a new layout. The OnLayoutEnter trigger can be set on each layout for that.

              You can even "stack" the layout names in this variable ( or IT_User's global field ), to list all previous layouts that were visited and your script can "pop" one layout name at a time off the stack when going back and your OnLayoutEnter trigger can "push" one such layout name onto the stack each time you visit it.