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Go to Desired Portal Row

Question asked by Vinny on May 18, 2012
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Go to Desired Portal Row



I have a "hybrid" customers layout, with a portal on the left of all customers, and the rest of the layout is a customer's detail.

The portal on the left is the main list for navigation; that is, if you select a customer from the portal, it displays that customer's information on the layout.  This works using go to related record, and it works great.

However, with this layout, I'm finding several issues related to keeping the selected portal row in sync with the rest of the layout.

Say for example, I go to a specific customer from another layout.  The Customer layout will show the correct customer info, but the portal row is not selected, and or not showing (as visible on the screen) the correct customer being selected.

I have vertical scroll bars on in the portal, so I assume that if I go to the correct portal row, it will make the current selection visible. do I "initialize" the layout so that when going directly to a customer, I can go to the correct portal row to make it look like I'm on that customer in the list (portal)?