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Go to field after a find

Question asked by anode505 on Feb 22, 2010
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Go to field after a find


I have a script trigger that doesn't seem to be working 100%.

(Its for barcode entry)

One field is a 'scratch pad' for the UPC to look up


Tiggered from an OnObjectExit

What I'm doing is once the scan is done (with a TAB post from the reader) is do a look up and go back to the 'scratch pad' field and zero it out, so its all ready for the next scan.


It just won't go to the correct field.


Now I can have a button with a working script the moves the focus there.  Even tried chaining scripts.  But nothing seems to work. (I *really* don't want to be forced to hit a button.  Plan is the reader being far away from a computer)