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Go to Field using a calculation

Question asked by Matty_1 on Jul 26, 2013
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Go to Field using a calculation


     I currently have a data base with users who are weary about computers.  In the past I had the whole thing on lock down and any changes after a ticket was closed had to be done through me the administrator.  It's been a little while now so I'm trying to give the users a little more freedom so what I've done is added a script that records the contents of the currently active field upon entry and another script that compares the field contents when the user tries to exit the field.  If it's different and the ticket is closed it sets off a series of steps that records what when who where and how the change occured and kicks up a window asking for an explanation.  This all works fine and dandy but given that the trigger is on exit it messes up my tabbing.

     I'm wondering if it would be possible to save the field name (which I already know how to do) but then have a go to field using the variable I saved so that after the script runs I can return to the original field and then use go to next field to have the tab function work properly again.


     Let me know, thanks!