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    Go to Layout based on field values



      Go to Layout based on field values


      I have two drop down menus.  How can i script so that it will go to a specific layout based on these values?  the first field has two values, the second field has four values.

      Would it make it easier if i had these fields related ie choose first field and four options come up in second?

      Thanks for any help


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          Do you mean that is you choose A from the first list, and B from the second list, you want to go to The First layout, but if you choose C from the first list and B from the second lst, you want it to go to the Second Layout?

          If that is the case you have a potential for 8 combinations.  You can set a script to Go To Layout Based On Calculation.  Have a Case Statement, like:

          Case (

          Field1= A and Field2 = C ; Layout1 ;
          Field1= A and Field2 = D ; Layout2 ;
          Field1= A and Field2 = E ; Layout3 ;
          Field1= A and Field2 = F ; Layout4 ;
          Field1= B and Field2 = C ; Layout5 ;


          You could set it as a scipt trigger upon modifying Field2 (though I think I'd prefer a 'Go..' button beside it.)