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    Go to Layout From Button On Portal



      Go to Layout From Button On Portal


      Hey guys,


      I am trying to get this button working in my portal.  I am on a layout based on Evolution and the portal is showing record from the table

      Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function x Evolution::id_function

      This way they all show up.  I just want to use the portal as a "scroll to the function I want to use an click a button to go to it"

      The Records are just the Name and Description of the functions this web service represents.  I plan on making a separate table for each of these functions, and relateing them in this fashion.


      Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function = Evolution_AddUser::id_function

      Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function = Evolution_AddAddress::id_function

      There are approximately 60 functions, and I want to create a table for each one so they are easyer for me to set up and program.  It's taken me a month to figure out how to get them working to post data to this web service and desiphering and parsing the replys, so I want to just build it like this, because i know I can make it work right for each one finally.

      I want to put a button on the portal that goes to the layout I will have setup eventually for all of the functions.


      I am would like to try to incorparate a field on Evolution_Web_Service_Functions called table.  a text field i can enter the table name the actual function exists on, and use that field as a parameter for the button to go to that layout.  I would have this field on the portal.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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          Do you then plan to create 60 different layouts for your 60 different tables?

          If you discover you need 61 funcitons will you add another table and layout?

          Seems like one table for all these records will be a much more flexible proposition and one where you need only go to one layout and pull up just the records for the selected function in a found set. A go to related records script step can do this very easily.

          Using your method, you'd write a script such as:

          Go to layout [Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::TableName]
          Show All Records

          Where you use the "layout name by calculation" option and use the table name for the layout name.

          You can certainly set up the relationships (all 60 of them) if you need, but they won't do much for you in this specific part of your design due to the need to specify the layout as well as the table.

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            The Reason I want to do a new table for each function, is the because it will be much easier for me to get each function working correctly.  It has taken me a month to get it working and interacting with the web service.  The functions are so complex, it will be so much easier for me to keep from having mistakes if I just have a new table for each one.  And keeping the data separate as well, as most of the functions do not use the related data.


            As far as specifying layout and table, I will only need layout per table.  All of the different fields I need access to will be set up on one 5 tab object per table layout.


            I used the 

            Go to layout [Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::TableName]
            Show All Records 

            and It works like I want.  Thanx...