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Go to Layout From Button On Portal

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Jun 13, 2012
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Go to Layout From Button On Portal


Hey guys,


I am trying to get this button working in my portal.  I am on a layout based on Evolution and the portal is showing record from the table

Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function x Evolution::id_function

This way they all show up.  I just want to use the portal as a "scroll to the function I want to use an click a button to go to it"

The Records are just the Name and Description of the functions this web service represents.  I plan on making a separate table for each of these functions, and relateing them in this fashion.


Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function = Evolution_AddUser::id_function

Evolution_Web_Service_Functions::ID_Function = Evolution_AddAddress::id_function

There are approximately 60 functions, and I want to create a table for each one so they are easyer for me to set up and program.  It's taken me a month to figure out how to get them working to post data to this web service and desiphering and parsing the replys, so I want to just build it like this, because i know I can make it work right for each one finally.

I want to put a button on the portal that goes to the layout I will have setup eventually for all of the functions.


I am would like to try to incorparate a field on Evolution_Web_Service_Functions called table.  a text field i can enter the table name the actual function exists on, and use that field as a parameter for the button to go to that layout.  I would have this field on the portal.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.