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Go to Layout in External File not working

Question asked by MonaButler on Feb 4, 2013
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Go to Layout in External File not working


     I have a file called "Students" and another called "Scores". In Scores I have created a Script called "Go to Layout List". It has one step in it that is Go to Layout List. In Scores, I have created a Script called "Go to Student Scores". It performs one script step of performing the External Script from Scores that should take the program to the List layout. It has been MANY years since I have used FMP. My last version was version 9. I was fairly adept at it.

     Now when I click on the button in Students that should go to the List view in Scores. It appears nothing happens. In actuality it is performing the script just not switching it to the active window. I have tried refreshing the window in the script in the Scores file, but not happening.

     I know that I can put ALL my variables in one file and not have external files, but I am an OLD programmer that can't learn new tricks. I just want to be able to switch the active window to the other file. Please help me with what has changed since FMP 9 that I need to know.


     Thanks as you guys always have.