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Go to Layout peculiar behavior

Question asked by john9210 on Aug 26, 2014
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Go to Layout peculiar behavior


     FM 12 adv. I’ve created a new layout but Go to Layout buttons will not go to the layout. Instead, they go to the layout just before the new layout. Go to buttons go to other layouts with no problem. Just the new layout is a problem

     I have been developing the database for the last few weeks with no problems. This peculiar behavior suddenly started to happen. To correct the problem I’ve tried recovering the file and rebooting the computer. But nothing worked. I’ve also deleted the layout and created a new one. Same problem: the button will not go to the layout.

     Going to the new layout via script also does not work! It also goes to the preceding layout.

     I opened a backup version, created a new layout. Same problem!

     I have 24 layouts. There’s no limitation on the number of layouts is there?

     I don't know where else to look. Any suggestions?