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    Go to next record



      Go to next record


      Heres a screenshot of my script which mostly works but I want to add a couple of things.

      1. shift+tab for backing up.

      2. go to first record if the record is last 

      also haven't been able to make it work if the field is a drop down list. why would that be






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          Does it work if its a popup?

          Both of your go to record steps are set to [Next].  Is that what you want?

          Tab and Shift + Tab work for navigation if the inspector has the fields set up to Go to Next Record, and the Tab is checked.

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            popup doesn't work either. the dropdown works if tab but not for return/enter

            right the else if is to check to see if the return/enter was used

            should tab be the only selected? now i have tab, enter, and return selected. but i do want them all to go to the next field

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              Ah..just re-read your post.  You want to go to the next record when someone hits Tab or Enter?

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                  and to previous record if shift-tab

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                    I don't like this approach because a user typing into any field, thinks that Tab or Enter should take them to the next field, not the next record, but if you want it, and you want to suppress other layout triggers:

                    On Layout Setup, script triggers tab:

                    Check the OnLayoutKeystroke box and add this script:

                    If [Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) ) =1 and Code(Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) )=9]

                        Go to Record/Request/Page [Previous]

                    Else If [Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) )=9 or Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) )=13]

                         If [Get(RecordNumber)= Get(FoundCount)]

                             Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


                              Go to Record/Request/Page [Next]

                         End If

                    End If

                    Go to Field [Select/perform; Grading::Score]

                    Halt Script  

                    Edit: Edited script

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                      Did you know that ctrl-up arrow takes you to the previous record and crl-down arrow takes you to the next record?

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                        ok thanks. yes the data entered on layout is a single field in each record, so the user needs to very quickly move down thru the records. I've also set up the up and down arrow keys to do the same. So whether the tab, enter, or up and down is used the script moves the the next field of the following or previous record. thanks for your help. 

                        Still don't know why it doesn't work with a popup field tho