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    Go to Next Record problem



      Go to Next Record problem


      I have a scripted search to display records from one table from all years, current year, previous year, etc.  Works fine.  As this will be run in kiosk mode, I have buttons (arrows) on the layout for the user to go to the next record and previous record.  I am using the basic button function of "Go to Record/Request/Page - Next & Previous."  I'm not using a script.  Works fine.


      Also on the layout is a button to go to the help page for that record.  It's a simple script to open a new window and go to the help layout.  The return button on the help layout just closes the window.  Basically, that works fine on all layouts.


      When I go to the layout via the scripted search, say it shows 8 found records and then displays record 1 of 8.  I click the Help button and it goes directly to the help page, no problems.  The problem is when I go to the next record (2 of 8 found) and then click the Help button I get a FMP dialog screen that says:


      "This record cannot be modified in this window as it is being modifed in another window."


      But then, when I click OK on the dialog screen, it goes to the Help page.  It does it on all records except the first found record.


      Any idea of how to get rid of that FMP dialog screen on records other than the first one found?









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          Howdy LeoB,


          Is the Help page layout based on the same table as the Years?

          In other words, when you open the help page, are you on the same record that you were on in the Years layout?

          in your help layout, on the status bar, are there still 8 records in the found set?


          Second question/approach:

          If you open the Dbase, find your 8 records, scroll/arrow to record #4 and hit help for the first time on record #4, do you get the help window, or the error message?


          If you base your help screen on a different table, this may solve your issue.


          (Just guessing here...please feel free to expound a little on what tables are behind what layouts...)

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            Hi, Ninja:


            The Help layout is based on the table (Admin) and the records are in the table (Issues).   I just modified the help layout to be based off the Issues table, and it does the same thing.  I have 22 different help menus and just for organization I put them all in the Admin table, but they could go in any table.  I use the same technique for getting to the help menu from layouts based off four other tables (simple script of new window, then go to layout) and it seems to work everywhere just fine.  When I first set it up on the layout in question, it seemed to work fine -- but then I probably just tested it on the first record in the found set and did not scroll through to other records.


            Now, just to confuse things, I have a similar search script for records based off the table (Activity).  I just tested it, and I can scroll through all the records using the Go To Next/Previous Record buttons, go directly to the Help layout (based on Admin), and it works fine!


            I also re-ran the original script in question from the Main Menu, went directly to record 4 of 8 found, and it did the same thing with the FMP dialog screen.


            When I get to the Help layout after clicking OK in the FMP dialog box, the toolbar shows the same found set as on the original layout -- no change.



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              I was asking about the Table basis in case your open Help screen was being counted as a modifying event with the thought that if you based it on an unrelated table, you couldn't be counted as modifying the record in the Years table.  If that's how you already had it (based on Admin table) then that can't be it.


              If you reassign your arrows to run a script...

              Commit Record

              GoToRecord/Request/Page [Previous]


              ...rather than just the steering function does this affect the behaviour you are seeing?  'Commit record' should clear the "I'm currently modifying this" status you apparently get left with



              When your help window opens, is the script complete at that point, or is it paused with more to come?

              Try throwing a 'commit record' as the last step of that "Open Help Window" script and note any behavior difference.  I wouldn't expect this is the issue, but I'm probing each area along the path...



              After your found set is created by your script, manually sort them in some way to move the record that is currently #1 to somewhere else in the order (by Qty, by type, by test name, whatever) and note any behavior change.  I'm looking for "Is it that record, or is it whatever record is #1 in the sort order".



              More and more questions, wishing the easy answer would pop up on its own...


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                I shoulda thought of that.


                Instead of your first option (reassign arrows to run a script), I just modified the script on the Help button to add a Commit Record function before the New Window step.


                Of course, I still dunno why it did it on this layout and not on the other similar layout.  But, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.