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Go to Next Record problem

Question asked by LeoB on May 28, 2010
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Go to Next Record problem


I have a scripted search to display records from one table from all years, current year, previous year, etc.  Works fine.  As this will be run in kiosk mode, I have buttons (arrows) on the layout for the user to go to the next record and previous record.  I am using the basic button function of "Go to Record/Request/Page - Next & Previous."  I'm not using a script.  Works fine.


Also on the layout is a button to go to the help page for that record.  It's a simple script to open a new window and go to the help layout.  The return button on the help layout just closes the window.  Basically, that works fine on all layouts.


When I go to the layout via the scripted search, say it shows 8 found records and then displays record 1 of 8.  I click the Help button and it goes directly to the help page, no problems.  The problem is when I go to the next record (2 of 8 found) and then click the Help button I get a FMP dialog screen that says:


"This record cannot be modified in this window as it is being modifed in another window."


But then, when I click OK on the dialog screen, it goes to the Help page.  It does it on all records except the first found record.


Any idea of how to get rid of that FMP dialog screen on records other than the first one found?